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Is Gambling Affecting Your Health?

If you think gambling might be affecting your health, take this simple test by answering the following questions as truthfully as you can:

1. Sometimes I've felt depressed or anxious after a session of gambling.
2. Sometimes I've felt guilty about the way I gamble.
3. When I think about it, gambling has sometimes caused me problems.
4. Sometimes I've found it better not to tell others, especially my family, about the     amount of time or money I spend gambling.
5. I often find that when I stop gambling I’ve run out of money.
6. Often I get the urge to return to gambling to win back losses from a past session.
7. Yes, I have received criticism about my gambling in the past.
8. Yes, I have tried to win money to pay debts

If you scored four or more 'yes' answers, your gambling may be affecting your health at this time. To discuss concerns you may have, problem gambling help is available.

Source: 'Eight' Gambling Screen - Early Intervention Gambling Health Test

Developed by Dr Sean Sullivan for the Problem Gambling Foundation of New Zealand and the Department of General Practice and Primary Health Care in the Auckland School of Medicine.

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